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01/03/2006 posted by Kevin S
I must admit, using toolbars that attach themselves to Internet Explorer or Firefox, didn't ring quite right with me. Having a spy in the midst is a bit disconcerting, however recently I tried out the Alexa Toolbar to see if it was any different from the Yahoo and Jeeves spywa.. I mean toolbars.

The main attraction for me from Alexa is the Get Traffic Details functions, on the bar just click Info ( or the traffic rating number ) to find out the popularity of a site.

This in itself can be quite revealing about popular websites that you might visit regularily, you can see the change in rankings, page views and 'Reach' as they like to call it. Quite interesting.

I could imagine this being quite a useful tool also for webmasters, so that they can can a get feel for how popular their own site might be and the sort of traffic numbers that pass through it on daily, monthly and even a yearly basis.

Well for now I am going to keep it installed ( On Internet Explorer because thats all that it supports ) which is fine for now, since I mainly use FireFox.

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