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27/02/2007 posted by Kevin S
If you have a spare few minutes, have a look at this site

If you find yourself always making bookmarks in your favourite web browser and then forgetting what you marked, is the answer ( or an answer if like me you are always on the lookout for new things ).

Make yourself an account and add your favourite websites. Use tags to mark different categories that they fall under.

Don't what to make an account? Well you can freely browse the archive and see what other people have been bookmarking.

If you are looking for websites with information similiar to ones you already know about, well look up what other people have marked as their own favourite websites and then look for related items.

Its a very novel way of searching for information that ought to be in a website somewhere but you don't know where. It is more targetted way of searching than using Google or Yahoo to find what you are looking for when you don't necessarily know what it is.

One to be definitely recommended!! Visit