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Surfing the Planet without leaving home.
03/03/2006 posted by Kevin S
Alot of information recently has been written about google maps in the e-press. It uses a collection of Ordenance Survey maps, Geographical maps, and Satellite imagary. Putting these together allows you to google around the globe.

More recently Google have released a new application called Google Earth. Rather than being a website tool, this is an software application that you install onto your PC. It still requires the internet, in fact you need a fast broadband connection to get the most from it.

Google Earth differs from Google maps in that it provides a 3D view of the earth that you can freely roam. Also you can change the elevation, which means you can see how high mountains are, as well a navigate cities.

Another point to Google Earth, is that it links into a database of advertisment busineses, so you can locate a town, find out where all the local restaurants are in that area and visit their respective web-pages.