Stop Junk Mail and Cold calling Home

Stop Junk Mail and Cold calling
6/3/2006 posted by Kevin S
OK, want to Stop all those nasty cold callers that phone you just when you are sitting down to dinner to try and sell you double glazing, even when you are tenant and don't even own the house. Or pointless reams of junk mail about saga holidays coming through your letter box and going straight into the bin ( or recycle bin if you are environmentally friendly! )

Maybe you just moved to a new house and you are still getting all the old junk mail from the previous occupier.

Then these two websites are a must, the Mailing Preference Service and the Telephone Preference Service

Mailing Preference Service ( MPS )

Telephone Preference Service ( TPS )

Simply visit these websites and enter you relevent details like your home address where you want junk mail to stop being delivered or you phone number.

Within a few weeks these type of unwanted solicitations will be no more! ( These are UK only Services )