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When to Span and when to Div
8/12/2005 posted by Kevin S
HTML Span and Div uncovered

The <span> tag has very similar attributes to the <div> tag.

  • The <div> tag affects the style of text it encloses.
  • Items enclosed by the <span> can be given specific style attributes and can also be aligned.
  • The main difference between <span> and <div> tags is that <span> does not do any of its own formatting, wheras the <div> tag acts as a paragraph break, because it is setting a logical division in the document.

    The <span> tag will only tell the browser to apply the style and alignment rules to whatever is contained within the <span> enclosure.

  • <span> - no formating of its own, apply these yourself with styles.
  • <div> will always apply a paragraph break ( i.e. <p/> ).