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Unlock your Samsung E710 for Free
23/12/2005 posted by Kevin S
This is how I unlocked my E710 from Vodaphone to Tescos sim cards. It will work for any Sim cards.

  1. Put in your original simcard and switch on.
  2. Press *#06# to show your imei number. Write this DOWN.
  3. Put in your NEW simcard.
  4. Unlock with *2767*688 followed by your imei. It will be a 15 digit number - it may have a /xxx code on the end which is not required to unlock ( unless its part of the first 15 numbers).
  5. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT. Press *0141# then the GREEN Button. This locks the new sim card to the phone.
  6. Re-power the phone to check it works.

If you do not do step 5, then when you reset the phone it will no longer be unlocked.
The Phone is now locked to the new sim card rather than being completely unlocked.
To use the Original Card you need to go through the same procedure but with the original card inserted instead.