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WAMPServer [All-in-One Webserver]
28/02/2006 posted by Kevin S
If you are looking for a Windows based Web Server solution thats is not IIS but instead Apache based, then look no further than the excellent WAMPServer.

The main problem with Apache, PHP, MySQL etal, is that setting them all up to work together and making sure you have all the right connectors installed can be a real pain.

WAMP Server is an all-in-one solution that comes with a Windows Installer and all the tools, as well as a traybar interface that makes management of an Apache based web server almost painless.

The current release is 1.6.1 with PHP 5.1.2, MySQL 5.0.18. ( PHP4 is also installable as an add-on )

WAMPServer has some cool add-ons that are also easy to install, most noticable is an install of Webalizer which generates usage statistics associated with the website and ZEND Optimizer for speeding up the PHP code that runs on Apache.

Be warned however, as mentioned on the WAMPServer site, this is not really designed as a production Webserver straight out of the box, a few lockdowns are required to be absolutely sure, however having said this from my point of view the default setup is probably ok for most uses including an Intranet solution.

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